Think about a land-based casino and the first game that you probably think about is roulette. With the sound of the ball spinning round the wheel, chips being put on the table and the croupier announcing the winning number, it’s certainly a classic scene.

So it’s not surprising that so many online casinos have roulette as one of their major games and offer you fantastic bonuses to encourage you to start playing. On, you'll find guides to the best free roulette no deposit offers and other bonus offers available to Canadian players on the internet.

Free Bet Roulette 2017

One of the best of the roulette offers online is the offer of a free bet to set you on your way. The way it usually works is simple. You just need to register with the site and make a deposit, say of $30. The site will then match that deposit, giving you $60 to play with. Sometimes you need a special promotional code to qualify for your free bet roulette spins, or you might have to contact customer services but often it’s given to you automatically.

Even better is free roulette bet with no deposit required. Just like it sounds, with this kind of bonus there’s no need to make any deposit at all to qualify. But, it’s also worth knowing that there are often conditions before you can take out any winnings. For example you may have to wager 3 or 4 times the amount of your free no deposit bet first. So if the welcome bonus was $30 and the requirement was for a 4x play through you’d have to wager $120 before you could claim any winnings. That’s why it’s always best to read all the terms and conditions before you choose where you’re going to play.

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Which Kind of Roulette to Play?

You might think that all roulette games arethe same, but they really are not. There are three different basic kinds: American, European and French. If possible, you should always play the European or French variety. That’s because on the American wheel there are both 0 and 00 spaces while European and French versions just have a single 0 space. This means that in the American version the casino has a slightly better chance of winning.

On the other hand, French roulette has other features that can work for you. For example if the ball lands in 0 it’s described as being  "en prison" or "la partage". "En prison" means that you can get your losing bet back if your next one comes up and "en partage" will give you half your losing bet back.

Betting options

Another part of the appeal of roulette are the many betting options that it offers you. For the really big wins you can pick a single number and, if it comes up, then you’ll win 35x your stake. But if you’re a bit more cautious then just going for reds or blacks or odds or evens is probably a better bet. You can also bet on collections of numbers in various different ways from picking dozens like 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36 or a “street” of three numbers in a row like 1,2 and 3.

How you do decide to do this is all part of your overall strategy or system.

Of all of the casino games out there, there are probably more systems than any other which are supposed to almost guarantee results. But because roulette is a completely random game, none of these will give you fulll certainty that you will win. However, the best roulette strategies out there.

For example one of the most commonly put forward is the Martingale system. The theory is that by doubling the wager after each losing spin of the wheel you’re certain to win big sooner or later. But even when you’re only making evens bets if luck’s not on your side pretty soon you’ll have worked your way through your bankroll.

So most players agree that it’s a far better idea to use your bets to cover as many numbers as you can with as small a stake as possible to slowly build up winnings. This is an especially good idea if you’re playing free bet roulette and want to grow the money you’re making from your welcome bonus.

It really is random

Something that some people wonder is whether online roulette is really random, but it truly is. Computer software called a random number generator (RNG) makes sure that the ball behaves exactly like a real one would and online casinos are regularly checked by gaming authorities and independent bodies like eCogra.

If you still have doubts then it’s also worth checking out one of the live casinos that features on our site because these have actual croupiers playing real roulette just like in a traditional casino.

Have a Practice for Free

Another feature that you’ll find on all of the best sites is the chance to practice playing for free before you claim your free roulette bet and it’s a great idea to do this. It’ll let you get used to the betting options before you start to play for real.

So now it’s just a question of choosing the best site with the most attractive offer for you and trying your hand. Fortunately, we've got you covered on that front, as on you'll find the best roulette free bets and offers out there, along with our presentation of Canada's favourite casino sites. Then get ready to place your bets.