There are some pretty big names in the world of online casinos, but none are bigger than Microgaming.

This could be because they’ve been around longer than most – in fact they are said to have invented the original online casino way back in 1994. But it could also be because so many casinos use their exciting and innovative games including many of Canada’s top online operators.

Let's take a look at the fascinating history of Microgaming and see why exactly they're considered the creme de la creme of the iGaming industry in 2017.

Who is Microgaming?

Although they started off as an online casino, Microgaming eventually decided to switch to developing casino and sportsbook games. The company’s based in the Isle of Man which is a small island off the west coast of the UK but certainly have a massive global presence being the first choice of gaming software everywhere for online casinos all around the world.

Surely one of the main reasons for the big name and big reputation that Microgaming have earned is the huge number of games that they have produced. These cover everything from traditional casino games like roulette and blackjack to poker, slots and bingo. The numbers are incredible. They reckon to have created around 850 original games plus 1,200 variants on them. Considering how long and complicated designing and creating any game can be this is an amazing achievement.

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Top of the Slots

One area that Microgaming has really been outstanding in is slots. There are lots of original games they've created, like Hot as Hades, Immortal Romance and Thunderstruck but they’re also famous for working alongside film and TV studios to create licensed slots with themes as different as Jurassic Park and Bridesmaids and Game of Thrones and Tarzan.

There’s even a slot called Break Away that could have been made just for the Canadian market. It features hockey players battling it out for great prizes and sometimes this gets pretty physical!

Mega Moolah = Mega Prizes

But probably the biggest slots game ever from Microgaming is the rightly-named Mega Moolah. All you need to know about this is that it’s called “The Millionaire Maker” by slots players in the know and lots of casinos use it as a hook to get new players in, for example by offering up to 80 free bonus spins to new players, each one with the chance to win a cool $1 million CAD.

The theme of the game takes you to the wilds of Africa where creatures like lions and wise monkey can win big prizes for you. So if you’re on the lookout for some wild fun, not to mention mega cash prizes, make sure you track it down through NoDeposit.ca.

Giant Jackpots

Because Microgaming slots are used on so many casino sites worldwide, not just in Canada, this means that some of the prizes make the Mega Moolah’s million dollars look like small change. That’s because they feature progressive jackpots which pool together thousands of different machines in a worldwide network and any one of them can pay out a really life-changing amount of cash.

For example, Microgaming is in the Guinness Book of World Records for paying out the biggest single jackpot for just a 25 cent stake – an incredible £13.22 million (CAD$21.8 million). Other jackpots that have hit the headlines and made Microgaming even more famous have included a €6.37 million euros win for one lucky player. That’s CAD$9.5 million, more than enough to never have to worry about having to work again.

So progressive jackpots certainly are the ones to go for especially as Microgaming games have paid out a jaw-dropping CAD856 million worth of these over the company’s 20+ year history. And it’s not just their slots that can come up with the big prizes. One of the company’s bingo games holds the world record payout of £5.88 million (CAD9.71 million) so if you’re after the big bucks it certainly pays to seek out a casino powered by Microgaming.

To make it better still, make sure you pick the one with the very best bonuses designed to attract new players. These can be incredibly generous and some don’t even need you to deposit any cash up front. So before you know it you could be getting your very first taste of a Microgaming experience for free. Even ones that do ask for a deposit will mean a great deal for you – and the very best way to find the biggest and best is by checking out the ones we feature on this site.

There’s a bright future ahead

Like you’d expect from the originator of the online casino, Microgaming are also at the leading edge of technology. Take a look at any of their live casino dealer games like roulette, blackjack and baccarat and you’ll see that it’s nearly as realistic as being there yourself.

Plus a little way in the future you’ll also be seeing just what they are doing for virtual reality games when it really will seem like you’re actually in a land-based casino.

So it all adds up to a fantastic creator of casino games that has a fantastic past and an even more exciting future. Stick with their games and you might have one too. Don't forget to track down all the Microgaming no deposit bonus offers on NoDeposit.ca to find the perfect Microgaming casino for you.