Did you know that when bingo first started to be played it was called "beano"? It was only when the inventor of the game we all love today, a travelling salesman called Edwin Lowe, heard someone shout out “Bingo” by mistake that he decided that it would be a far better name for it.

We’ve come a long way since then back in the 1930s – and so has bingo. Today millions of us play online on our laptops and even our cell phones and there are literally thousands of different games to play. For lots of people, the game is perfect because it’s a fun thing to do wherever you are and even if you’ve only got a few minutes to spare. There’s also the social aspect with chat rooms so you can keep in touch with pals while you play.

Free bingo no deposit offers for 2017

But the really fantastic news for players old and new is that bingo sites are always looking for new players to join up and that means one thing – big bonuses for 2017 and beyond are out there just waiting to be grabbed.

It gets even better too. Lots of them will let you play free bingo no deposit required. That means you don’t need to put any cash down at all before you start to play and, hopefully, start to win big too. With so many places offering a bingo bonus no deposit required it can be tricky finding the very best ones – and that’s what we've set out to do here at help you discover the best bonuses and providers for bingo, casino games and more.

We’re always scouring the internet for the biggest and best free no deposit bingo offers of 2017 so we can bring you all of the latest offers and give you an introduction to the sites themselves. The offers are always changing – and usually getting better. So it really does pay to check our site regularly to be sure you know about the very best deals

So how do you go about getting to play free bingo no deposit? It’s simple.

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Claiming your bingo bonus is easy

The very first thing to do is follow the link from here to register on the site whose bonus suits you best. Then you’ll usually be given your bonus automatically and you’ll be ready for “eyes down”. Sometimes you might need a special code to claim or even have to let the customer services team know by email that you want to activate it – but that shouldn’t be hard.

If you’re a relative newbie to the wonderful world of bingo then the bingo bonus no deposit required is a brilliant way to try out lots of different sites without having to make any financial commitment. You can play for as long as your bonus lasts and with a little luck, you’ll be adding to it with your winnings too. Then you can stick with the site or move on to another and start trying it out with another no deposit bonus – it’s a piece of cake.

Once you’ve found a site that you like you’ll probably be like most players and stay loyal to it but you could be missing a trick. By moving around and always keeping an eye out for the best offers from other sites, you could have a much more exciting bingo experience.

Make sure you know the "no deposit" bonus rules!

Of course there are a few things you need to be aware with free bingo no deposit offers. The first is that the bonuses won’t be as big as ones where you do need to make a deposit. We’ll talk more about these later. That’s only to be expected though because the sites are effectively giving you free cash to play with.

There are also going to be some terms and conditions that you should make sure you understand before you start to play. These can include not being able to claim any winnings till you’ve deposited a certain amount on the site and not being able to withdraw the amount of your no deposit bonus.

The rules vary from site to site so always try to read them before you commit to playing to make sure there are no surprises further down the line.

You’ll also find that all of the bingo bonuses you get can only be used to play bingo and not for slots and other games you could find on the same site. But don’t worry. There are pretty certain to be bonuses you can claim for these too.


Other great 2017 bingo bonuses!

Now we mentioned bonuses that do need you to make a deposit and no way should you ignore these. That’s because they can be much more generous since the sites can afford to give you an even better deal if you put some cash down too. So you could get up to 500% of your initial deposit to play with. That means if you put down $50 you’ll find yourself with $500 – not bad by anyone’s reckoning.

You’ll also find lots of other kinds of offers too. For example some sites let you play free for a week while you get used to them or combine bingo and slots deals too.

Remember to keep checking in at if you always want to keep one step ahead of the deals and get the biggest possible bang for your buck – in fact, we bring you such a great choice of bingo bonus no deposit required offers, and it's great to know that lots of them won’t cost you a single cent!